– Casa di Alba

The house chosen as a model in Alba had already been heavily altered in 1883, the year before the inauguration of the Borgo, and the builders therefore resorted to other models: the protruding roof beams are inspired by examples from Alba and Asti; the decorative paintings come from Asti, Avigliana and Polonghera.
On the façade, to the right, is the terracotta coat of arms of the Pelletta family, a copy of the one preserved in Asti, while on the opposite side is a fresco copied from Avigliana and depicting two angels holding up a roundel with the Trigram of Christ. The first floor is dominated by mullioned windows decorated with different coats of arms and varieties of birds with human heads, interspersed with smaller windows for venting braziers and lighting the interior of the house. On the ground floor, the arcades of the portico are joined at half height by a parapet; the particularly charming ceiling is based on that of a room on the ground floor of the Villa house in Chieri: it is richly carved and painted with grotesques.

In 1884, the ground floor was used as a woodworking shop, until 1911, when an art print shop was rebuilt here for the International Exhibition. From 1931 onwards, the first floor was occupied by a carpet weaving workshop and partly used as living quarters, and in 1979 part of the premises were used as a leather workshop. Today, the upper floor is used as a private residence, while the ground floor houses a bookshop and an art print shop.


BORGO MEDIEVALE – Viale Virgilio, 107 (Parco del Valentino) 10126 Torino


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