– Antisala baronale

This is the area where those about to be received in audience in the throne room were kept waiting. The walls are painted to imitate a fabric tapestry, and on two sides run benches with a high carved walnut dossal copied from 15th-century furniture in Issogne Castle. The entrance door is fitted with a wooden ante-frame, engraved with scrolls and interlacing Gothic arches; the fireplace to its right bears the Challant coat of arms, as does the original in Fénis Castle. The ceiling is also based on a Valle d’Aosta model and is divided into numerous panels decorated with a central star. In the middle of the ceiling is a large three-branched wrought-iron lamp, which reproduces dragons inspired by medieval miniatures; this is the work of Giuseppe Guaita from Vercelli.

The hall was seriously damaged during a bombing raid in 1943: all the fixed and movable furniture and decorations were recreated after the war, replicating the original ones.


BORGO MEDIEVALE – Viale Virgilio, 107 (Parco del Valentino) 10126 Torino


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