– Cappella (chapel)

Inside the chapel, all the inhabitants of the castle attended functions: the lords near the altar, the servants at the back of the room, separated by a wooden gate as in the chapel of Issogne Castle. In the presbytery, the priest celebrated mass facing the altar, looking at the sacred image and reading the liturgical text in Latin on the illuminated missal. The walls and vault of the chapel are frescoed: on the sides, the Annunciazione (Annunciation) and Salita di Cristo al Calvario (Christ’s Ascent to Calvary), in the vault the Quattro Evangelisti (Four Evangelists), all reproduced from one of the main monuments of 15th-century Piedmont, the Monastery of Sant’Antonio di Ranverso. The pictorial decoration is by Giuseppe Rollini, 1884.
On the presbytery, the cross vault is painted like a starry sky, with voluminous gilded and painted ribs and cornerstone with the coat of arms of the Counts of Challant. On the right, the sacristy door and the walled washbasin have Gothic architectural frames, based on those in stone from the church of San Giovanni di Saluzzo, as does the ciborium on the opposite wall. This same church contains a replica of the square white, green and blue tiled floor, also designed by Alfredo D’Andrade and based on the original in the marquis’s chapel in Revello castle, in the Saluzzo area.

The stained-glass window depicting the Fuga in Egitto (Escape into Egypt) and Gesù tra i dottori (Christ among the Doctors) reproduces those in Turin’s Civic Museum, which date back to 1503 and originally came from Issogne Castle; the wooden icon on the altar with the Storie della Maddalena (Stories of Mary Magdalene,) made in 1934, is also a copy of an Aosta altar frontal from the late-13th century in the same Civic Museum.


BORGO MEDIEVALE – Viale Virgilio, 107 (Parco del Valentino) 10126 Torino


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