– Casa di Cuorgnè

The portico of one of the most spectacular buildings on the main street is inspired by the Casa di Cuorgnè, known as the House of King Arduin, an example of a wealthy-family residence in 15th-century Piedmont. Standing out on the white plaster is a rich frame separating the floors (the stringcourse), made up of four rows of bricks printed with oak leaves and acorns, a twisted cordon, small arches and coats of arms, and at the base a series of putti with joined hands. A prominent feature of the top floor is the wooden gallery, a copy of a very rare example from Carignano. The portico ceiling is decorated like that of Rivara Castle, with coloured coats of arms, similar to those on the tympanum of the Canavese-inspired windows.

One of the particular aspects of this house is the presence of a sequence of open shops in the portico, in memory of which the sign still remains of the apothecary, who had his shop there, next to the weaver, in 1884. Three years later, the shops were replaced by a ceramics warehouse and a wine and spirits shop. For the International Exhibition in 1911, a bookbinding business was reconstructed here and, from 1946, this was joined by a glassware shop and later a ceramics shop. The upper floors were used as an art studio and the caretaker’s house. Today, on the ground floor, is a souvenir shop on the left and an educational workshop on the right; on the first floor is a printer’s workshop.


BORGO MEDIEVALE – Viale Virgilio, 107 (Parco del Valentino) 10126 Torino


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