– Tettoia delle armi (canopy)

To the left of the Rocca is a canopy, copied from that of the market at Verzuolo, in the Cuneo area, with square pillars supporting a slate roof on massive wooden beams. Underneath are two war machines, a catapult and a ballista, built in 1883 in Turin’s military arsenal for the Exhibition of the following year.

The catapult had the function of hurling stones and flaming material, placed in the bucket hoisted up to the end of the shaft, against the enemy lines; a throwing arm then produced the thrust needed for the launch.

The smaller ballista also worked thanks to the energy produced by tensioning a spring; instead of stones, it hurtled narrow and sharp elements such as darts and large arrows.

The wicker pylons stacked at the sides served as protective shields for those involved in operation and transport.


BORGO MEDIEVALE – Viale Virgilio, 107 (Parco del Valentino) 10126 Torino


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