Map of ground floor

Map of ground floor
Atrio (Entrance hall) Cortile (Courtyard) Camerone degli uomini d'arme Cucina (Kitchen) Sala da pranzo (Dining room) Carceri (Prisons) Tettoia delle armi (Canopy)

Atrio (Entrance hall)

E' una stanza spoglia con feritoie sul fondo; è difesa da un pesante portone rivestito di ferro e da una grata a saracinesca copiata da un raro originale del castello di Verzuolo.
This is a bare room with slits at the back; it is defended by a heavy iron-clad door and a portcullis grille, the replica of a rare original in castello di Verzuolo.

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Cortile (Courtyard)

The inner courtyard, the fulcrum onto which all the rooms open, reproduces that of castello di Fénis in Valle d'Aosta. It has a trapezoidal plan with frescoed walls and galleries accessed by a steep semi-circular staircase.

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Camerone degli uomini d'arme

The large room where the castle guards were accommodated was copied from the castello di Verrès. It's sparsely furnished; the rack of arms and armour is inspired by a decoration in the castello di Issogne, Valle d’Aosta.

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Cucina (Kitchen)

It's divided into two parts: the kitchen for servants and soldiers is also a larder. The kitchen for preparing food for the lords of the manor is dominated by huge fireplaces and furnished with a large quantity of crockery, utensils and cauldrons.

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Sala da pranzo (Dining room)

This is the most sumptuous room in the castle - from the ceiling with painted tiles, a replica of one in castello di Strambino, to the carved cupboards full of fine pottery, and the fake tapestry depicting miniatures from a 14th-century manuscript.

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Tettoia delle armi (Canopy)

Outside the Rocca (fortress), towards the garden, the canopy copied from the market at Verzuolo, in the Cuneo area, protects two war machines: a catapult and a ballista.

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