Map of first floor

Map of first floor
Stanza del guardiano Antisala baronale Sala baronale Camera da letto (Bedroom) Oratorio (Oratory) Stanza della damigella (Chambermaid's room) Cappella (Chapel)

Stanza del guardiano

This is the control and defence room from where the guard lowered the portcullis to protect the gate in the event of an attack on the castle. The unfurnished room has walls decorated according to an original in the castello della Manta, Saluzzo, which no longer exists.

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Antisala baronale

This is the waiting area for those who need to enter the throne room. Carved furniture and walls painted to imitate tapestry are modelled on castello di Issogne in Valle d'Aosta.

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Sala baronale

It reproduces the shape and decorations of a hall in castello della Manta, Saluzzo: Heroes and Heroines of Antiquity and the Fountain of Youth, themes dear to courtly and chivalrous literature in the 14th century.

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Camera da letto (Bedroom)

The room reproduces the French King's Room in castello di Issogne. Imposing in the centre of the room is the four-poster bed with thick velvet curtains.

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Oratorio (Oratory)

Small in size, it is a place of meditation and prayer, furnished with silk curtains on the walls and a small altar with a kneeling-stool.

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Stanza della damigella (Chambermaid's room)

This is the chambermaid's room, small and modest but well-furnished or decorated. On the walls, the initials of King Arduin of Ivrea are painted in diamond shapes.

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Cappella (Chapel)

The chapel is crossed by railings separating the servants from the lords of the manor. There are many references in this room; its walls depict the famous Ascent of Christ to Calvary, painted by Giacomo Jaquerio in the Monastery of Sant'Antonio di Ranverso, around 1420.

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